An enlightening interview with Elon Muskfounder of SpaceX and led Tesla Motors and PayPal. He talks about how he thinks, his first principles and how to design.

KR: “Did you ever think there was a possibility that [SpaceX and Tesla] would fail?”

EM(without a pause): “Oh yeah, absolutely…”

Innovation comes with risks. If we don’t stomach the risks we can’t progress.

I’ve always admired Kevin Rose for his diversity of interests and just plain awesomeness. Foundation is a series where he interviews the founders of the most interesting start ups.



Researchers at the University of Liverpool, U.K. are taking the first step toward individualized, natural looking 3D printed skin. It’s a daunting undertaking, since each person’s skin has a unique smattering of freckles, wrinkles and veins coursing through it. But the project’s leader, Dr. Sophie Wuerger, has high hopes.